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Kurouchi Petite knives 120mm and 150mm by Shinichi Watanabe

Small utility and super light knife, Petite. It is also called petty and paring knife.

Kurouchi petty knives

The petty Knives are the Japanese version of a paring knife. It is very light and usefull for all cutting purpose.

The 120mm: It is almost for grasp cutting work, not on chopping or cutting board. The knife and Gyuto 180mm combination are perfect even for professional chef's kitchen. Actually, my friend's chef uses them in his hamburger steak restaurant.

The 150mm: The knife is all purpose for about 160cm tall guys. My friend is a natural yeast baker. She uses only this 150mm for her work and her home kitchen.

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Kurouchi petite knife, 120mm blade,
Total length: 240mm, Width: 28mm, Thickness: taper spine 3.5 - 1.6mm, Price: JPY14,500 Out of stock
Kurouchi petite knife, 150mm blade,
Total length: 280mm, Width: 34mm, Thickness: taper spine 4.5 - 1.6mm, Price: JPY16,000 In stock
Double bevel, Blade: Yasuki blue steel core with stainless outer, Handle: D-shaped burnt chestnut wood with plastic hilt


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