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I have many knives to learn their design. I will sell some on this page.

#1 Randall, ORLANDO FLA, CAMP AND TRAIL M5-6", roughback Johnson shaeth. USED
Total length 280mm, blade 153mm, width 29mm, thickness 6.3mm, double bevel, Leather washer handle.
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Price: JPY70,000 In stock
#2 Kato hunting knife 70mm. USED
Total length 175mm, blade 70mm(actual edge length), width 21mm, thickness 4.1mm, double bevel, polished surface.
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Price: JPY50,000 In stock
#3 Kiridashi Shouto 21mm.
Total length 195mm, blade 57mm(actual edge length), width 21mm, thickness 3.6mm, single bevel, Kurouchi surface, iron clad white #2.
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Price: JPY10,000 SOLD OUT