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Makiri knives

For fishery and out door!

8 kitchen knives

Fishery men like these knives. They use the knives for their every cutting works. For example, cutting Tunas, cods, mackerels, jacks and some other fishes. You can use for cutting chickens also. And Some people use for hunting works and camping works as a utility knife.Makiri knives have many hammer marks. It means hand made and strong edge.

White steel, Kurouchi surface.

Ikasaki 115mm blade long, 2.3mm thick, 25mm wide, 235mm total long. JPY5,000

Sabasaki 130mm blade long, 2.2mm thick, 27mm wide, 250mm total long. JPY6,000

Tamatsuki Makiri
120mm blade long, 3.1mm thick, 27mm wide, 255mm total long.
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Price: JPY7,000 In stock