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Diamond sharpening stone designed by WATANABE BLADE

Keep flat your precious stones!

Diamond stone

You can also use this stone as rough stone. But we actually made this for flattening fine stones.

1. The surface was ground with the highest quality surface grinding machine. The flatness is less than 0.005mm!
If you found dent on your blade, you may use this stone to fix. You can believe the surface and will get precise flat bevel.
You can flatten from #1000 to #30000 or finner stones. You can not use this for rough stones.

2. We use natural diamonds. The longevity is much longer than synthetic diamonds.

3. We use new plating technologies "Ultimate Diamond Carbon nanotube". This is a plating solution to increase strength, and improve heat discharging performance, and abrasion resistance.

4. AI DIAMOND has many holes of precise position with machining center. You can sharpen your blades smoothly. The opposite side doesn't have many holes. You can sharpen small blade.

5. The base material of AI DIAMOND is carbon steel of 8mm thick. It never change the flatness at normal uses. You can use it long time. And also, after using long time, we will re-plate Diamond with some extra cost. ASK ME.

#1 AI DIAMOND : professional size, 0.005mm flat, double sided diamond, #140.
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Size 8 x 80 x 210mm, weight 1,060g.
NON WATER ABSORBENT: Scoop the water by hand. Never keep in the water.
Price: JPY82,000 In stock
#2 AI DIAMOND Jr. : beginner size, 0.01mm flat, single sided diamond, #140.
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Size 5 x 63 x 195mm
NON WATER ABSORBENT: Scoop the water by hand. Never keep in the water.
Price: JPY36,000 SOLD OUT

How to flatten your water stones

Please see the flattening work with AI DIAMOND. I re-sharpened a Honesuki knife. This is the finishing process with Kitayama #8000.

By the way, have you ever watch TV program "Hoko Tate"? It was a famililiar show of engineers run on Sundays that demonstrates a competition between two contradictory entities. For example, a drill that can penetrate any wall versus an impenetrable safe made of steel.
And there was a metal company of 6 times grand champion NWS. In the 7th battle, the drill from Chusyokigyo Rengo broke through the metal from NWS. The biggest cause of victory of the drill is their unique diamond coating "Ultimate Diamond Carbon nanotube". We adopt this one from this company to our AI DIAMOND. AI DIAMOND is ultimate flattening stone!

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