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Wa kamisori from some makers

Sharpest Razor!


They are Japanese traditional style razors made by several different black smiths. It is called Wa Kamisori and Nihon Kamisori in Japanese. They are not used, but very old stock. I have polished for removing rust, re-shaped with my design and sharpened them. Please enjoy the sharpness.

The edge is the sharpest and the most delicate. You must not check the sharpness on your nail. The edge will have damage. Plese check at a hair cut test. If you look for the sharpening stone, please ask me.

#1 kamisori, yasuki steel Azuma razor, rubber handle.
Total length 150mm, blade 45mm, width 18mm, thickness 5.5mm, single bevel
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Price: JPY14,000 SOLD OUT