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Watanabe 4 pc Japanese kitchen knives set

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8 kitchen knives

Japanese traditional kitchen knives Watanabe. These knives cut just like the well known traditional type Samurai sword.

The set contains "4 pieces ":
-Sashimi- (for Sushi, slicing raw fish), Total length: 345mm Blade: 215mm Thickness: 2mm Material: Carbon steel SK-5 single bevel Handle: Ho wood

-Kurouchi Ai Deba- (cutting fish with bone), Total length: 360mm Blade: 210mm Thickness: 5.5mm Material: Laminated white steel single bevel Handle: Ho wood

-Shirouchi Santoku- (almighty), Total length: 300mm Blade: 165mm Thickness: Tapered spine 4.2 - 1.5mm Material: Stainless laminated blue steel double bevel Handle: Ho wood

-Mukimono- (paring vegetable and fruit), Total length: 220mm Blade: 105mm Thickness: 1.5mm Material: Stainless steel SUS420J2 single bevel Handle: Ho wood

Each prices
Sashimi JPY6,000
Kurouchi Ai Deba JPY22,000
Shirouchi Santoku JPY20,000
Mukimono JPY4,500

Watanabe 4 pc Japanese kitchen knife set
Watanabe special price!
Price: JPY52,500 SOLD OUT