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Watanabe standard Santoku knife

Hand forged!

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Santoku knife from standard line. The knife is made of stainless clad blue steel. Forged like professional line, but has plastic hilt handle, not horn. It is used for cutting vegetable meat, and fish. It is very practical and reasonable price. We also have some kinds of optional handles.

Shirouchi Santoku knife.
Total length: 300mm Blade: 165mm Thickness: Tapered spine 4.2 - 1.5mm Material: Stainless laminated blue steel, double bevel, Handle: Ho wood with plastic hilt.
Price: JPY20,000 In stock
The options
D-shaped burnt chestnut handle with plastic hilt +JPY1,000arrowPhoto
Oval shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY3,500
D-shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY3,500