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Kurouchi Gyuto knife 180mm by Watanabe blade

The extremely sharp and all purpose!

Kurouchi Gyuto knife

This is hammer finished Japanese kitchen knife Gyuto which is the Japanese equivalent of the Western chef knife. It is multi-purpose knife and can be used for cutting meats, fishes and vegetables.

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Kurouchi Gyuto knife, 180mm blade,
Total length: 320mm, Width: 45mm, Thickness: taper spine 4.5 - 1.6mm, Double bevel,
Blade: Yasuki blue steel core with stainless outer, Handle: D-shaped burnt chestnut wood with plastic hilt
Price: JPY30,000 SOLD OUT
The options
Linseed oiled American walnut wood Saya with pin +JPY12,000 arrowPhoto
Oval shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY5,000 arrowPhoto
D-shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY5,000 arrowPhoto
Octagonal shaped Enju wood handle with horn hilt +JPY7,000 arrowPhoto
Octagonal shaped walnut wood handle with brown dyed maple hilt +JPY7,000 arrowPhoto
Octagonal shaped Honduras rose wood handle with white dyed maple hilt +JPY7,000 arrowPhoto
Custom handles are available now +JPY12,000, JPY14,000, JPY18,000, JPY20,000 arrowPhoto Ask me the detail!


4.5 out of 5 , based on 2 ratings. 2 user's reviews for Professional Gyuto

"Mr. Watanabe,
Professional Kurouchi Gyuto 180mm. I just wanted to let you know that the knife I ordered was just delivered. That was incredibly fast! I have not yet used it to cut anything, but have no doubt I will be impressed. Thank you again!

Rated: 4/5, posted by: Larry

"Hello Shinichi.
I have had my Gyoto in the kitchen now for 2 months and felt the need to report how pleased I am with the knife.
It embodies the rare combination of artisan craftsmanship and faultless performance. I could go on and relate how it compares to my wustoff knives, but I am sure you already know.
Anyway to cut a long story short, I would like to place an order for a 150mm petit with burnt chestnut and buffalo horn handle. Could you please tell me how much to submit via PayPal.

Rated: 5/5, posted by: Clive