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Kurouchi Petite knife 150mm by Watanabe blade

Small utility and super light knife, Petite. It is also called petty and paring knife.

Kurouchi petty knives

The petty Knife is the Japanese version of a paring knife. It is very light and useful for all cutting purpose.

The 150mm: The knife is all purpose for about 160cm tall guys. My friend is a natural yeast baker. She uses only this 150mm for her work and her home kitchen.

Kurouchi petite knife, 150mm blade,
Total length: 280mm, Width: 34mm, Thickness: taper spine 4.5 - 1.6mm, Price: JPY26,000 SOLD OUT
The options
Ho wood Saya +JPY8,000
Oval shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY4,500 arrowPhoto
D-shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY4,500 arrowPhoto
Octagonal shaped Ho wood handle with horn hilt +JPY5,000
Isosceles triangle shaped Enju wood handle with horn hilt +JPY6,000 arrowPhoto arrowPhoto
Double bevel, Blade: Yasuki blue steel core with stainless outer, Handle: D-shaped burnt chestnut wood with plastic hilt


4.5 out of 5 , based on 2 ratings. 2 user's reviews for Kurouchi petite knife, 120mm 150mm.

"Hi Shinichi!
I have now had my Kurouchi blue steel knives for 2 months (Gyuto and petty ). I have used one or both of them nearly every day for about 90% of my kitchen knife work since then. I recently gave each a light resharpening (just using 1200 and above stones and maintaining all the angles as you set them). After resharpening the Gyuto I was able to cut a tomato horizontally without having to hold it in position, which I have never been able to do with a knife before. So not a sharpening expert yet, but perhaps the situation is not completely hopeless. I am very pleased with their performance and maintenance has not been an issue, despite me being new to non-stainless knives.
After further consideration I would like to get a deba. Again my goal is to be able to disjoint a chicken and also be able to cut through a chicken leg bone (don't plan to try to cut through cow ribs). Would you suggest that this is an appropriate choice?...

Rated: 5/5, posted by: Marty

"Dear Sirs,
nearly 6 years ago since my last order.
(your knives are still perfect ).
Now I want to order
1x "Kurouchi petite knife, 120mm blade"
I want to pay via Paypal.
best regards

Rated: 4/5, posted by: Stephan