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Introduction:@No More Throw Away Knives!
I have often been asked by people from around the world how to sharpen cutlery, with precision, to a fine point. I don't know if my explanations have always been perfectly clear, but I have always endeavored to teach each person, one by one, how to sharpen their knives like a professional.

There is no such thing as a magical knife that never needs to be sharpened! Knives always need to be sharpened at regular intervals. Sharp knives are very important because they're actually safer and they make cooking easier, faster, and much more beautiful. With that in mind, I have written these directions and I hope that they will help you in your cooking life.

By understanding how to maintain your Watanabe blades, or any other knives, you won't have to throw away old dull blades and buy new ones again and again. Sharpening a blade is easy!! But remember:@It's important to start with blades of originally high quality.

It is a great pleasure for a craftsman to know that people continually use his products for a long time and maintain them as something precious!

If you like, you can print these directions for future reference.

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#0 Introduction: No More Throw Away Knives!
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