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Looking Sharp:@Sharp Or Not?
Before sharpening, you should check to see if your knife is sharp or not. Being able to determine if a knife is sharp is important because if you can't make that judgement, you won't be able to determine when to stop sharpening.

Following the diagram below, gently apply downward pressure on your nail.

Keep the knife in your right hand,
and place the blade one your thumb nail as shown above.

Press the blade softy on your nail.Be extremely careful not to press the blade too hard!
The angle is changed by the blade of thickness, single bevel or double bevel.

When pressing the blade gently on your nail, allow the blades own weight to press upon your nail.

If the blade is properly sharpened, it will stop in your nail.
If the blade continually slips and does not catch, it is not sharp enough.

For your safety, please do not pull the blade across your nail or finger. When you pull these blade, you will realize its cutting value. You have probably seen a blade craftsman or chef non-chalantly touch the blade lightly. They know that a blade will act by a pulling motion best. So by avoiding this pulling motion, you may test the blade's edge safely.

Anyway, is your knife sharp or do you need to sharpen it? I know some other ways to check a blade is sharp. For example, a practical test of sharpness for a blade, is whether or not it will slice soft vegetables like tomatoes, or cut thin paper. These points are explained in the Checking Sharpness section at the end.

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