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For professional sushi chef and business use! More than 500 kinds!
Functional beauty - The best of both worlds!
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  • Yanagi 210mm white JPY39,000
  • Yanagi 240mm white JPY45,000
  • Yanagi 300mm white JPY66,000
  • Yanagi 300mm white with saya JPY78,000
  • Yanagi 330mm white JPY76,000
  • Yanagi 360mm white JPY108,000

  • Yanagi 210mm blue JPY45,000
  • Yanagi 240mm blue JPY52,000
  • Yanagi 270mm blue JPY63,000
  • Yanagi 300mm blue JPY76,000
  • Yanagi 330mm blue JPY100,000
  • Yanagi 360mm blue JPY142,000

  • Takohiki 360mm blue JPY142,000

  • Fuguhiki 240mm blue JPY52,000 arrowPIC
  • Fuguhiki 270mm blue JPY63,000
  • Fuguhiki 300mm blue JPY76,000
  • Fuguhiki 300mm blue Honyaki JPY159,600


  • Deba 150mm blue JPY40,000
  • Deba 165mm blue JPY43,000
  • Deba 180mm blue JPY48,000
  • Deba 210mm blue JPY72,000
  • Deba 240mm blue JPY93,000

  • Mioroshi Deba 180mm blue JPY42,000 arrowPIC
  • Mioroshi Deba 210mm blue JPY57,000

  • Kurouchi Sakekiri Deba 240mm blue JPY55,000 arrowPIC1 , arrowPIC2
  • Kurouchi Sakekiri Deba 300mm blue JPY82,000

GYUTO KNIVES arrow custom handles arrowPIC1, arrowPIC2, arrowPIC3, arrowPIC4, arrowPIC5, arrowPIC6

  • Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm stainless clad blue JPY50,000
  • Kurouchi Gyuto 210mm stainless clad blue, chestnut JPY60,000 arrowPIC
  • Gyuto 210mm stainless clad blue JPY51,000 arrowPIC1 , arrowPIC2 , arrowPIC3 , arrowPIC4 , arrowPIC5
  • Iron clad Gyuto 210mm with dragon and tiger engraving JPY140,000 arrowPIC
  • Gyuto 210mm stainless clad, honduras rose octagon JPY73,000 arrowPIC
  • Kurouchi Gyuto 240mm stainless clad blue JPY62,000 arrowPIC
  • Gyuto 240mm stainless clad blue JPY63,000
  • Gyuto 240mm stainless clad, honduras rose octagon JPY83,000 arrowPIC
  • Gyuto 270mm stainless clad blue JPY70,000

  • Kurouchi Gyuto 180mm with custom handle arrow LINK

  • Sujihiki 210mm stainless clad blue JPY51,000
  • Sujihiki 240mm stainless clad blue JPY63,000 arrowPIC
  • Sujihiki 270mm stainless clad blue JPY70,000


  • Usuba 180mm blue JPY52,000
  • Usuba 210mm blue JPY60,000
  • Usuba 240mm blue JPY79,000

  • Kamagata Usuba 180mm blue JPY52,000
  • Kamagata Usuba 210mm blue JPY60,000

  • Mukimono 105mm blue JPY36,000
  • Lefted Mukimono 120mm blue JPY51,800


  • Honesuki 150mm white JPY42,000
  • Honesuki 150mm blue JPY43,000 arrowPIC1 , arrowPIC2

  • Garasuki 180mm blue JPY61,000
  • Garasuki 210mm blue JPY84,000
  • Garasuki 240mm blue JPY108,000


  • Sabaki 180mm blue JPY48,000

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  • Unagisaki 180mm white JPY46,000 arrowPIC

  • Kuro thin Sobakiri 270mm white JPY66,000

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Laminated Steel

Brought to welding heats, steels of different compositions (or iron and steel) can be welded together with pressure. Traditionally this was done by a Japanese bladesmith. The materials are brought to welding heats at the forge, one metal is placed over the other on an anvil and are struck with a hammer to merge them.

  • fux powder on the steel and iron bar
  • A piece of high carbon steel and two smaller pieces of wrought-iron are put on a larger bar of wrought-iron.
    Iron sands and boric acids are used as our forge welding powder, this is one of our secret ingredients!
  • Heated iron on it for forge welding
  • Another of heated wrought iron is put on top of all the pieces.
  • construction of laminated steel
  • The photo at the left shows the high carbon steel being sandwiched between wrought iron. The laminated steel becomes two double bevel blades. Heat and hammer, heat and hammer!
    forging photo
  • laminated steel construction of double bevel
  • The photos above double bevel, below single bevel: The forge weld lines on the knives are clearly visible. It's easy to see the structure of the blade. A thin layer of high carbon steel has been forge welded to a much thicker layer of wrought iron.
  • laminated steel construction of single bevel
  • There are several advantages to this process. For example, the iron backing is tough and dampens vibrations, resharpening is easy, and the blade holds an edge longer than western blades because of hard.

    The structure of laminated steel blades can be compared to that of a pencil. A pencil is composed of a wood and a lead. The wood provides the dampening for the lead. So the pencil can have a hard lead core, but is still tough and durable. Without the wood, it would break easily. Also, the soft wood allows the pencil to be sharpened easily.

    If you'd like to see how we forge weld single bevel blades, go to Kurouchi Deba knives page .

By Shinichi Watanabe