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Product Values

This time, let me explain to you "the value of design as a developer". If you are a creator or a builder, what do you consider quality of design for your products? If you are a manufacturer, your criteria maybe, "Quality is precise measure, specific surface texture and hardness".

However if you are a designer, there are different values. These 6 values are:

  1. Look
  2. Touch
  3. Use
  4. Use long time
  5. Maintenance
  6. Recycling

These values are explained more detail as follows:

  1. First, "Appearance, is it attractive?" For example, please remember that there are various kinds of car dealers on main street. They display their cars in their show window. If their car the gallery or their TV commercial is not attractive at first glance, no customers will even come in the store. If the "look" is not good, the next 5 values will be wasted even if 2 - 6 are incredibility wonderful.
  2. "Touch and how it feels?" When you hold a kitchen knife by the handle as displayed in the cutlery shop, ask yourself. "Is the handle comfortable or not?" If it is comfortable, you will be motivated to buy.
  3. "Use" If you buy something, you'll be itching to use it soon. And when you actually cut vegetables or meats, how does it feel?
  4. "Use long time" Every product has a given time. After using your product for several years what is its condition? Did the knife handle break? Or was anything wrong with the engine? etc,
  5. "Maintenance" All materials eventually break down. So can you repair your product or not with the supplier?
  6. Finally, "Recycling" which is a recent topic of topic. When the product must be retired, how do you dispose of the product? And how's it reborn?

These are product values. If you are a designer, so which values will you consider? Also if you are a customer, what values will you consider?

I'd like to add the below value as number 7.

  1. "Resale Value" What is your product worth after owning it for some time? Has it appreciated or depreciated in value?